D5 Media are currently working on a vast array of projects from corporate web video to off the wall music videos. Perhaps the most unexpected of all our projects is Soup Yeti – a new animated comedy.

Soup Yeti will take on a rapid-fire sketch show format, hurling unthinkable randomness at the audience until they can’t take anymore, then relentlessly continue until, well, the end of the show. Here at D5, our writer / producer Jonny Knowles has been working hard bringing together ideas, characters, voices and crazy visuals to make Soup Yeti a truly unforgettable new comedy. We hope to showcase Soup Yeti at local film / TV festivals. It’s sure to get noticed and be the next big British laugh.

Our Art Director, Jacob Armitage will be knuckling down on some creative character designs and animation this week while Gavin Edson, Creative Director and tech-magitian, will be creating some super-convincing lip syncing.

I’ll leave you with this sneak preview of one of Soup Yeti’s more fishy characters.