Soup Yeti

Animated comedy madness!

As you may or may not know, we’ve been working on a new animated sketch show. The comedy is weird, the animation is stylish & kooky and it’s produced by D5 Media. Taking a break from our usual video production antics, we’ve been drawing crazy characters and dreaming up comedic situations.

When do we get to see this magnificent extravaganza?

Written by D5 class clown Jonny Knowles, featuring voice acting by Knowles, Peter Slater, Anthony Singleton & Will Booth and animated by Jacob Armitage. A 10 minute pilot episode will be on your screens in the coming months but to keep the giggling juices flowing, here’s a sneaky-peak promo.

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Like the video & subscribe to the YouTube channel for updates on coming episodes. You’ll be treated to outer space mind reading, ominous creatures and a deer called tim. Why wouldn’t you want that in your animated agenda?