Video production for “Katz on Sci-Fi”

The D5Media video production team recently left the comfort of Huddersfield for the day and headed to Salford to start work on a new music video for the song Katz on Sci-Fi.


The song is part of a Drum & Bass venture by DamRiteSean and it did a great job of getting both cast and crew dancing away. Sean wanted a fresh, slightly crazy video for the song, so D5 Media producer/director Jonny Knowles said “What we need is some blokes in tiger suits!”…so that’s exactly what we got.

Video Concept

The video focuses on a pair of feral cats, who roam the streets causing trouble wherever they go. We wanted a good mix of craziness and comedy for the video and our acting talent did not disappoint. A little different from what they are used to, Antony Singleton (Drifter) and Colin Rice both provided some very interesting and entertaining dance moves, really getting into the spirit of the video shoot.

Video Production

Shot on the Sony NEX-FS100 super 35mm camera at 1080p resolution and 50fps, the footage is ready for some slow motion time re-mapping come post-production. As always, the footage shot on the FS-100 looks fantastic with great colour reproduction, depth of field and high frame rate, perfect for music video production.