Film Production

Script Development

The key to a great film is a strong script and shooting without one will generally lead to disappointing results. D5 Media can generate and develop scripts for you or work alongside you if you would prefer.

All of our scripts are written and prepared in Final Draft, which is the ideal software for writing and formatting in order to meet the screenplay submission standards set by the TV and Film industry.

Storyboard Design

Storyboards can be developed to help you pre-visualise your project, be it a film, video, animation or motion graphics.

We can develop storyboards in both a traditional sketch format, as well a 3D CGI animated pre-visualisations.

Film Crew

D5 Media can provide qualified and experienced crew for your production, including Directors, Producers, Camera Crew and Sound Recordists.


With so many different ways that footage can be assembled, our team of experienced video editors can help ensure that your videos message is delivered in the most engaging way possible.

D5 Media have the facilities to edit digital video content in house on top-end Macs with professional software, as well as on location with Macbook Pros.

Colour Grading

Whether you're looking to add the finishing touch to your masterpiece or simply match footage shot on different cameras, we can help.

We use a range of software to enable us to bring the best out of your footage, including DaVinci Resolve, Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista.

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