The Challenge

Jenny Cook AKA ‘Hello Margaret’ asked us to photograph her for her blog, she had a clear idea of what she wanted: a plain backdrop so that the photographs focus on her outfits.

Our Solution

We decided to create a soft atmosphere that mimics the folds in the fabric of the clothes. We wanted the images to be uplifting, almost angelic with soft flowing lines and low angles to give the model an important presence. As the focus of the image she looks in power, strong, dominant but still soft and feminine.

To achieve this we used a soft white curtain backdrop which also acted as a diffuser for the light that sat behind them. This backlit effect made the light spread from behind the model giving her a heavenly glow. We also used a key light which we positioned above the model, she looks into the light for the first two shots, almost like she is gazing off into the sky. This gives her a dominant, intelligent pose whilst at the same time light her face beautifully. To add warmth to the glow I altered the white balance bringing more orange tones into the brighter areas of the image.

Services Used