The Challenge

Soup Yeti is a new animated sketch show. As the pilot is still in production all we had to go by was the producers description; “A dark, random comedy, kind of like South Park mixed with Salad Fingers”.

Our Solution

Starting with traditional pencil and paper I sketched out a few yeti designs. Running the ideas by the producer we decided to go with a yeti emerging from a bowl of yeti, as opposed to other ideas such as a yeti eating soup or a yeti covered in soup. Yeti madness! After sketching up a large version of the character / logo I began to trace it in illustrator.


So, dark, funny and ‘Soup Yeti’ there was only a few ways I could go with this. I decided the logo should clearly represent the name. Given that the show is a character based comedy, a character based logo would certainly fit the bill.

Services Used

Graphic Design