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The UK Secretary of state Michael Gove has proposed a new secondary school education system to replace GCSE’s. The new EBacc (English Baccalaureate) system does not include creative subjects such as art, design, drama and music.

Despite being one of the only industries to continue growing in the UK through the recession, with an overall average earnings increase of 15% since 2005, this £23bn industry is being punished.

#IncludeDesign Campaign

Sir Jonathan Ive, Stella McCartney, Edward Barber RDI, Jay Osgerby RDI, Sir Terence Conran, Design Council, D&AD and  British Interactive Media Association to name a few have written to Michael Gove asking him to reconsider his proposal. The #IncludeDesign campaign follows a similar one by the fine art establishment to get art included, which this week saw criticism of Gove from this year’s Turner Prize winner Elizabeth Price as she accepted her gong. The #IncludeDesign website states:

“The newly proposed Ebacc qualification will exclude Design and the Arts from the nation’s educational agenda. Rather than risk losing generations of design industry professionals at huge cost to the UK’s creative economy, we urge the government to reconsider their stance and add a sixth pillar of Creative subjects into the Ebacc.”

Does education shape good designers?

Personally I accredit none of my design skills to my secondary school education, in fact I only achieved a C in GCSE art and completely failed GCSE level (GNVQ) ICT. Which seems very contradictory to my profesional practice and current educational attributes.  I attended a very conservative school, art and design subjects clearly weren’t at the top of their agenda, it’s absolutely clear to me that; had I been less confident with my skills, this experience would have put me off choosing any kind of creative career path, in fact, I recall the school’s careers advisor encouraging me to pursue a career as a fireman. Needless to say, I had no interest in doing that. In my opinion there was already an all too sparse application of creative subjects in the UK education system. The EBacc system without a sixth pilar for creative subjects would be a clear indicator of the conservative party showing their true colours, not wanting ‘change’ but a complete backtrack into traditional, outdated values, completely ignoring what one of the most important industries has to say.

For further reading visit:  #IncludeDesign


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