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What is N.D.A and will it have a significant impact on the visual world?

The new digital aesthetic is a a proposed upcoming trend from multiple futurologists and futurology organisations within creative communities. WGSN, a leading trend forecasting organisation, describes N.D.A as:

“Not devoid of quirky or disjointed elements. We celebrate digital dust, glitches and the ghosts in the machine; the strange traces technology leaves behind. Does this make it almost human?”

New digital aesthetic street art

The evidence surrounds us

New digital aesthetic stands out from other forecasted trends in that it’s cropping up a lot more frequently. For example ‘street ghosts’, the result of a street artist finding a person on google street view, printing their image full size and pasting it onto the wall of the place they first appeared, without their permission are cropping up around the world. Street ghosts have been found in the hippest street art areas of London, New York and Berlin.

It’s this creative interpretation of forecasted trends that keeps art and graphic practices alive, this example may not be a direct interpretation however, it’s entirely possible that futurologists predicted this trend sometime ago, after all it does make sense. The merger between a reality and an augmented reality, the two worlds we’re always bound to cross paths.

Cube 3D Printer


Bridging the gap between the real world and the digital world is becoming an ever more realistic ideal. We have innovations like QR codes; meaning we can digitally interact with printed formats. Though a little more exciting than those invariably annoying little black and white messy squares is the birth of consumer 3d printing. In the very near future we’ll see 3d printing made available to the average household. ‘The Cube’ 3d printer pictured above will retail at just $1,299 and will lay some seriously strong foundations for that great big bridge between the digital and analogue dimensions.

Creativity will always be the key to keeping these innovations fresh, human and ‘real’. For example a clever use of the dreaded QR code is this little gimmick from the guys at 999 who took their clients printed magazine, made it digital and still made use of their classic street vendor style distribution technique.

[video_youtube video_id=”ygRNoieAnzI”]

Even more obscure

The message of these trends can be taken on any level. Take the guy in the video above for example, he’s using digital technology to hear what he’s never seen before. He’s colourblind and a computer translates the colours infront of him into sounds. This even influences the way he dresses.

Whatever innovation, change or peculiar trend we are faced with, creativity will always be the most important asset to making it relavant and useful. Even when these machines make mistakes we will find beauty in what is created.


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