M/M (Paris) won a Grammy (for best recording package)

Yes, a Grammy. An award for outstanding achievement in the music industry. Michael & Mathias took home a golden gramophone for best recording package for Björk’s Biophilia. A graphic design achievement I was personally never aware of, but now am very much interested in. I had to take a look into past winners and see what there was on offer. Starting with the Biophilia packaging of course…

2012 Björk – Biophilia; Michael Amzalag & Mathias Augustyniak


BjorkPackaging3 BjorkPackaging2 BjorkBiophillia4


What can I say, I genuinely love almost everything M/M (Paris) can put their name to, I’m also partial to a bit of Björk and find her music ever endearing. These are some seriously stunning and imaginative images coupled with truly innovative packaging ideas. The icon adds a certain class and lifts the whole image of the album to an almost legendary standard. One can imagine discovering the icon in the distant future and being encouraged to unearth what it could mean and the rich treasures associated with it.

2011 Arcade Fire – The Suburbs; Caroline Robert

ArcadeFire1 Arcade-Fire Arcade-Fire-2

A very interesting and beautiful design package. Including a short film directed by Spike Jonze. The style of the packaging and film very much reflect the style of music though the themes explored in the film do surprise.

2010 The Black Keys – Brothers; Michael Carney

Brothers1 Brothers2 brothers3

The humorous and creative  album cover for Brothers has always stood out in my iTunes library but until now, I’ve never thought to look into it’s origins. Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney’s brother Michael Carney put this design together. Taking a look through Michael’s portfolio it’s clear he is very much involved in the music and especially with The Black Keys. There’s a reason this cover stands out my iTunes library – It’s beautifully simple, and that’s all there is to say really…

2009 David Byrne and Brian Eno – That Happens Will Happen Today; Stefan Sagmeister

Everythingthatwillhappenwillhappentoday Everythingthatwillhappenwillhappentoday2 Everythingthatwillhappenwillhappentoday3

Again, I’m a massive Sagmeister fan so instead of me rambling on about how great he is, watch this video from the Sagmeister studio 7-yearly experimental trip, this time in Indonesia, where he describes working with Byrne and Eno.

Other past winners include…

2008 Metallica – Death Magnetic; Bruce Duckworth, David Turner & Sarah Moffat
2007 Bright Eyes – Cassadaga; Zachary Nipper
2006 Tool – 10,000 Days; Adam Jones
2005 Aimee Mann- The Forgotten Arm; Aimee Mann and Gail Marowitz

Some truly inspirational stuff, I for one will be keeping an eye out for the ‘best recording package’ Grammy year after year from now on…

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