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Test Instrument Solutions

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Founded in 2005, Test Instrument Solutions offer electricians, maintenance engineers and other end users a high quality range of electrical testing equipment.

We were commissioned to produce a short product video that highlighted the unique features of their new range of voltage and continuity testers. 

Project Focus

Retail product video

One of the requirements for this product video was that it was engaging and informative when viewed in a retail display environment. Depending on the retailers preference, this means that the video will sometimes be displayed without sound. In order to ensure the video was easy to understand with or without sound, graphical elements were produced to help explain each product feature of the product.

Project Features

Motion tracked graphics

Graphic tracked to the products screen.

One of the most engagining ways of displaying graphics on product videos is to motion track them to a point on the item, drawing the viewers attention towards both the information and the product.

Point tracking used throughout the video.

Tracked graphics do take longer to produce than static graphics, (something to consider when preparing your budget) but the results are defienatly worth that extra effort.

"D5 Media were very easy to work with and kept on top of the project well. We are really pleased with how the website turned out."

Nick Thompson -CT Installation

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