General Illustration

Hand-crafted or digitally mastered, D5 Media can provide you with stunning illustrations for your companies next project.

Illustrations invite attention to your brand and highlight your message to potential customers, they can be used just about anywhere,  business cards, websites, flyers and posters.

Character design

We can design characters of any style and for any genre. Some of our previous characters have been included in the development of a children's Ipad app, an online animated sketch show and promotional videos for a software developer.

Album art

Illustrated album covers are a great way to help your single or album stand out from the crowd. We can design artwork that is print ready for CD's or in screen format ready for iTunes.

Poster art

Whether it's a film poster or an advertising campaign, illustrated posters are attention grabbing method that can help to promote your message in a very competitive market.

Illustrative typography

Sometimes a standard font is just not suitable for your project or brand and that's when illustrative typography comes into play.

D5 Media can custom illustrate your chosen words or logo, turning them into a real piece of art.

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