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As part of their 50th anniversary survey GDUSA published a top ten list of the most influential graphic designers working today (amongst other creative professions). For the next 10 weeks, I’m going to work, in reverse order, through these top ten designers and establish just what it is that makes them so damn great and more importantly display some of their best works.

#10 Sean Adams

Co-founding AdamsMorioka in 1994, being recognised all the big competitions and publications including; AIGA, The Type Directors Club, The British Art Director’s Club, and the New York Art Director’s Club and building a client list including; ABC, Adobe, Gap, Nickelodeon, Sundance, Target, USC, and The Walt Disney Company definitely contribute toward Adams’ success and reputation. But now all that wordy stuff is out the way, let’s take a look at some of his and his company’s work.

ABCBroshure ABCFamily AM_03 AM_08 AM_09 AM_13 disney_01 nickelodeon_06 target_01

 usc_09 usc_21

It’s clear to see from AdamsMorikoka’s work that there is a certain consistency in style, a style that is frequently emulated and encapsulates what we think of as ‘graphic design’. If someone were to ask for something typically ‘graphic-design-y’ the resulting work would most likely present itself very much in the AdamsMorikoka style.

GraphicRiver and other user contributory design template sites are flooded with variations on the style and it works, it’s clean, corporate, inoffensive and visually pleasing.

However, there’s something special about the work produced, it couldn’t simply be emulated, while it’s consistant, familiar and simplistic, it has something different, a certain factor that distinguishes it from the generalised re-interpretations. AdamsMorikoka themselves describe this by saying:

“We are very strict about quality, presentation and content, but, of course, there is always the AdamsMorioka touch of fun.”

Why not take a look through the AdamsMorioka portfolio?

Next week we’ll be looking through the work of Chip Kidd, famous for his book cover and comic book design.

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