Bobo’s Beard at D&AD

As you may have noticed, we’ve been working relentlessly on an animation project currently being considered by the BBC.

Next week, Bobo’s Beard is being exhibited in London at the D&AD New Blood festival, the project is in the running for ‘best in show’ so we’d like to encourage anyone to come down and show their support.

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The huge design festival is open to the public on Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th of July 2013, it features the best up and coming design and advertising work the country has to offer.

Bobo’s Beard is a story set in the beard of a roaming giant, 500 million years in the future. An entirely new animated, multi-language, children’s comedy- adventure series with firm moral foundations. It was created as part of a meta-design project. The characters, worlds and narrative are designed to emphasise the value of language, communication and open-mindedness.

The unique way in which the story and characters were generated lay the way for something truly original. Rather than asking ‘How can we create a great kids TV show?’ Bobo’s Beard answers the question: ‘How can we use media to better our society?’ This fundamental idea has influenced an honest and genuine narrative-based graphic output.

An opportunity to present the idea to CBBC is what encouraged the development and production of Bobo’s Beard. CBBC are currently considering the developed concept as well as some top-secret on-demand streaming services. We hope that the exposure at D&AD will assist the executives on the respective commissioning boards to make their decision. So please come along and show your support.

Visit the D&AD site for more information or check out our Video Production service.

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