Lishuai LED Light Kit: First Look

A good set of lights are essential for video production and D5 Media recently added a new set of LED light panels to its ever-expanding equipment list. We opted for a Lishuai LED1000 set from, that included 3 LED light panels, 3 light stands and carrying cases for the whole lot.

What are LED Light Panels?

Lighting panels for video production and film work by using LED technology to replace traditional lighting. LEDs provide three main benefits over conventional lighting: they are more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and produce less heat than conventional light sources. In addition, some models of LED lights feature bi-colour functionality with the ability to adjust the colour temperature from 3200k to 5600k.

lishuai led1000 controls video production lights

Lishuai LED1000 Light Panels

The panels themselves are of good build quality, with metal carrying handles and a solid enough plastic casing. The lights feature metal ‘barn doors’ and a magnetically attached acrylic diffuser that is easy and quick to remove.

One of the stand-out features of the Lishuai LED1000 is the touch screen control panel on the back of each light. Allowing control of both the light intensity (10% – 100%) and the colour temperature (3200K – 5600K) of the light, the panel helps you set up shots just how you want them and with minimal fuss.

Another great feature is the V-lock plate located on the rear of the light panels, allowing the light to be powered by a V-lock battery instead of needing mains power. There is talk of around a 2 hours battery life at 100% intensity with an average V-lock battery, which sounds a reasonable amount.

The Lighting Kit

The air-cushioned light stands are the highlight of the accessories supplied with the kit. Strong and well balanced they support the lights with ease, even when extended up high.

The cases that come with the kit are a little bit disappointing, to say the least, with the zip on the light stand bag lasting all of five minutes. The quality of the light panel bag is a little better, however, a bag for each light panel would have been preferred due to the weight and bulk of three lights in one bag.

Are the Lishuai LED1000 any good?

We got the chance to give the lights a try on a recent music video shoot and I’m very impressed with the overall results. The set-up was quick and painless and the light cast was excellent with the touch screen giving us the control of the scene lighting just how we wanted it.

We use a wide range of equipment including the Lishuai LED1000 for our work in order to get high-quality shots for business and product videos, check out our D5 Media YouTube or Video Production service for some examples.

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