DitoGear OmniSlider: First Look

Why a Camera Slider?

Camera sliders are great for all kinds of video production work including music videos, business videos and product videos, the smooth camera moves they provide can add a whole new level of production value to projects.

Here at D5 Media, we like to produce videos with a cinematic edge to them, so a camera slider was a welcome addition to our production equipment. After a lot of research into the different kinds of sliders available, we opted for the motion-controlled DitoGear Omnislider.

One of the first things we noticed when we saw the DitoGear OmniSlider was its build quality and finish. Sturdy but not overly heavy, with an understated black finish the Omnislider is quite the looker and feels like it will last a lifetime.

Setup was nice and easy with Ditogear supplying all the basic accessories to get you up and running, with the only disappointment coming when it was time to power the slider up and we found that only Euro plugs had been supplied.

Power lead problems aside the rest of the kit is fantastic, matching the slider in terms of look and build quality. The battery pack is supplied in a neat little case with a shoulder strap that makes lugging around a battery a lot less hassle. The case also has a little padding that should help the battery stay in tip-top condition as well as provide some insulation in cold weather shooting environments.

Our initial impressions of the Omnislider are very good and we will be posting an in-depth review along with some test footage soon.

We use the OmniSlider for our work in order to get interesting shots for business and product videos, check out our D5 Media YouTube or Product Video service for some examples.

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