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This is the fourth part of a ten part blog series, if you’re looking to start from the beginning, go here. As part of their 50th anniversary survey GDUSA published a top ten list of the most influential graphic designers working today (amongst other creative professions). I’m going to work, in reverse order, through these top ten designers and establish just what it is that makes them so damn great and more importantly display some of their best works.

#7 Charles S. Anderson

When Anderson describes his design philosophy, he talks about modernism and how it can be interpreted over-minimalistically resulting in sterile, uninteresting works. Instead, Charles S. Anderson Design Co. pride themselves on human-ized work, character and researched conceptual ideas. Not anti-modernist, nor post-modernist, simply a logical and justified interpretation of modernism.

We believe that truly great design is about making something that adds richness to people’s lives; something inspiring, memorable, funny, abrasive, ironic, elegant, ugly, human – anything but uninteresting.

These values, ideals and aesthetics shine through in their work. There’s almost always a humorous or human element present, an element that doesn’t distract from the purity or the message but adds to it, this balance, which they consistently achieve, is what elevates their work from great to inspiring.

Lets take a look…

wb_frog toulouse_poster tcm_pins tcm_makeready tcm_mainlogo tcm_logo4 tcm_logo3 tcm_logo2 tcm_logo1 tcm_letterhead tcm_heads tcm_cards poptone_roofull poptone_chimpfull poptone_camelfull paramountproducts_watches paramountproducts_plates1 paramountproducts_logo paramountproducts_globe paramountproducts_clock mr_french_logos illu_csaimages_mysterio3 illu_csaimages_mysterio2 illu_csaimages_mysterio1 illu_csaimages_mexink6 illu_csaimages_mexink5 illu_csaimages_mexink3 illu_csaimages_mexink1 illu_csaimages_archive2 fpc_paperdoll_2 fpc_paperdoll_1 fpc_logos fpc_inflatable fpc_inflatable_pack fpc_environmentalism fpc_environmentalism_back fpc_dogdisc fpc_butcher_2 fpc_butcher_1 fossil_logo book_illust aiga_designcamp

Charles S. Anderson’s client list includes:

  • French Paper
  • Nike
  • Target
  • Williams-Sonoma
  • Pottery Barn
  • Coca-Cola
  • Levi’s
  • Sony
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Nissan
  • The New York Times
  • Best Buy
  • Japanese Monster
  • Turner Classic Movies

It’s not difficult to see how Anderson made the list, next week, we’ll look at what makes Michael Bierut so damn great.


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